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Enter the Lair of the Lurker...

But don't sit in my chair.

21 February 1968
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The title says it all...Lair of the Lurker. I'm here to read slash fanfiction. My main fandom now-a-days is Supernatural! I am a Destiel fan (sorry, no Wincest for me). I started out as a Harry Potter fan with my OTP being Harry/Draco. Harry Potter will always have a special place in my heart as that fandom is the one that introduced me to fanfiction in the first place. I've also enjoyed putzing around in Glee (Kurtofsky), Merlin (Merthur), Big Bang Theory (Shenny - my one and only hetship), Queer as Folk (Brian and Justin), etc. (Whew! I've been reading fanfic since 2004 and the list just continues to grow!) I also LOVE a good cross-over!

If I've friended you its because I'm reading your stuff and I like it. I don't comment often so don't feel bad if you don't get feedback from me. Usually, I'm finishing one fic and moving onto the next.

I am a self proclaimed fest-whore.

I don't update much. When I do its either to pimp or maybe give a little tidbit of my life.

So, come in. Make yourself comfortable. Have a cup of coffee - there's always a fresh pot. If tea is more your style, I'll be happy to brew a fresh pot of that well. (Yes, my Brit friends, a proper pot of tea using tea leaves not bags!)


Shuga The Lurker